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A new compact electric tractor

Your solution for harvesting, towing, mowing, hauling, feeding, spraying & more.

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  • Harvest Aid

    Spend less time walking and carrying harvest totes in and out of rows. With the Amiga, you can carry everything you need to harvest multiple rows in one trip.

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  • Mowing

    The Amiga makes quick work of cutting down overgrown fields or terminating a cover crop with mowing deck attachments. A wide range of powered implements are available and just work.

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  • Towing

    Connect and tow mowing decks, harvest carts, compost spreaders, or vehicle trailers by adding a standard ball-hitch receiver to the Amiga.

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  • Seeding

    Plant with accuracy and ease. Precision speed and “cruise control” functions make direct seeding repeatable, allowing users to maintain a consistent velocity and save their settings for a given task.

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  • Compost Spreading

    Uniform and accurate drop spreading of material is an ideal task for the Amiga. No more wheelbarrows or 5 gallon buckets necessary.

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  • Hauling

    The Amiga can haul up to 1000 lbs of payload- transport your animal feed or water, fence posts, compost, rocks, equipment, or whatever else needs moving around the farm.

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  • Cultivation

    The Amiga can be used with several types of cultivation/weeding implements. It has teleop, joystick and autonomy options coming, for even greater labor savings.

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  • DIY

    We made the Amiga for farmers who love to build their own tools. The square steel tube structure is meant to be clamped to, cut or welded. Add your own motors, actuators, or even write some python to make the Amiga do anything you can imagine.

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Jacobs Del Cabo

"The AMIGA has become the go-to assistant for our crew. It began as a harvest helper, following the crew with packing materials and carrying the harvested crop out of the field. It has become a multiple use platform including a bug vac, compost spreader, flamer, 6-line seeder, and cultivation tool. This is the scale of affordable automation we’ve been looking for. It’s finally here."

- Larry Jacobs, Organic Farmer & Founder, Jacobs Farm

Sea To Sky Farm

"This season we grew three acres of dry farmed winter squash, and we're using the Amiga to help us do all of the harvesting. The Amiga has made quick work of our harvesting process, while using zero emissions. We're very pleased with the Amiga's performance.  We look forward to Farm-ng's growth, and their next round of cutting edge inventions!" 

- Chris Laughlin, 4th generation farmer



Our Smartforks clamp to standard 1.5” square steel tube found nearly anywhere, and are entirely adjustable for setting custom track widths, height clearance, or adapting to any tool, implement, or accessory you want to use.

Electric drivetrain

Oil changes and lugging jerry cans are things of the past. And you thought hydraulics and diesel engines were simple?

Turn in place

Our skid steer design allows the Amiga to easily turn around at the ends of rows and operate in tight spaces such as green houses or hoop houses.

Future Proof

Borrowing from the marine, industrial automation, and automotive industries, we developed a communication system that shares power and data down a single waterproof cable. Connect motors, smart-motors, linear actuators, h-bridges, sensors, IO blocks, bumpers, or nearly any CAN-enabled device into one simple ecosystem.

Easy Transport

No box-truck? No problem. Fits in a standard-sized truck bed, flatbed, enclosed trailer, and even a minivan.

Unlimited Range

With 70% greater power density than lead-acid, each of the Amiga's two Lithium-Ion battery packs weigh only 12 lbs and can be swapped out in about 20 seconds. Pick up a second set for zero downtime. 

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Big tech appropriate for farms of all sizes.

At farm-ng we’re re-imagining farm tools with automation, sustainability and accessibility in mind. Farm-ng’s Amiga is a modular, all-electric micro-tractor that can turn-in-place, haul, lift, carry tools, cultivate, and is easy to adapt to any farm’s cropping systems and cultural practices. The Amiga allows growers to easily implement best practices, profitably, while reducing manual labor, maintenance and fuel costs. Farm-ng and our partners are hard at work building advanced solutions that extend the Amiga, making it the future proof platform of choice for any farm.