Estop Kit Description

Farm-ng's machine emergency-stop architecture makes it simple to add, extend, remove, and monitor a machine e-stop circuit.  A simple series-circuit allows for any number of normally-closed buttons to be added to a single cable, with a jumper used at the end to close the circuit.  The button illuminates red when depressed, so at a glance it is easy to see if the estop is active, and which button was depressed.  The button is housed in a rugged machined and powder-coated aluminum enclosure, with stainless steel watertight M8 fittings.  The electronics are potted to achieve an IP65 "washdown" rating.  Made with love right here in Watsonville, CA - USA.  


Power 12-24v bus supply, built-in series resistor regulates the internal 2vdc red LED.  
Button  EAO 32mm-series IP67 emergency stop switch, DPST 1x NO (led) 1x NC (estop)
Enclosure  Powder coated black textured Hammond enclosure, custom machining
Connectors  M8 4-pin, male and female stainless steel
Environmental  IP65 rating +


  • Amiga Estop System Overview
  • Amiga Estop Hardware documentation


What's in the Box

  • Emergency stop button, machined aluminum housing with IP65-rated illuminated button
  • M8 4-pin 2m Male to Female cable with PUR jacket, black
  • M8 4-pin e-stop jumper / terminator.  Required to close circuit.
  • ** Please note ** a power injector is necessary to illuminate the red LED.  This comes with every Amiga and is already wired to the estop circuit, so if you are adding this kit to your Amiga you're all set!  If building a custom machine, it will be necessary to supply 24v down one of the pins noted in the documentation linked above.  We can also provide our standard power-injector that draws power from any NMEA2000 or DeviceNet CANbus backbone, please just reach out.