Senior Assembly Technician

Company Description:

Farm-ng empowers the agricultural community with affordable, adaptable robotics and AI solutions so they can adopt more productive, profitable, and sustainable farming practices. Our vision is to cultivate a future where farms thrive and healthy food is produced sustainably and equitably.

For farms that want to make their operations more autonomous and prosperous, the Amiga is a modular electric robot powered by AI that’s adaptable for multiple environments, tasks, and crops. We made our platform accessible to farms of any size so they can realize unprecedented productivity and future-proof their business. The Amiga Developer Unit is a bundle of the Amiga robot, its I/Os, and an AI computer we call the Brain. These tools enhance data collection, visualization, and analysis while accelerating time to in-field deployment.

The Senior Assembly Technician will be responsible for assembling, testing, and troubleshooting complex mechanical and electrical components. This role requires a high level of technical expertise and attention to detail. The technician will also write and revise assembly procedures, ensure adherence to quality control standards, and manage logistics related to the assembly process.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assemble, test, and troubleshoot complex mechanical and electrical components.
  • Write, review, and update assembly procedures to ensure clarity and accuracy.
  • Implement and maintain quality control measures to ensure all products meet specified standards.
  • Collaborate with engineering and production teams to optimize assembly processes.
  • Train and mentor junior technicians on assembly techniques and quality standards.
  • Maintain detailed documentation of assembly processes and quality control checks.
  • Identify and address any issues or discrepancies in the assembly process.
  • Ensure compliance with safety regulations and company policies.
  • Execute and provide input on Crating and Palletizing
  • Receiving and warehousing of incoming components and assemblies
  • Perform assembly, fulfillment and logistics tasks as required according to the team's monthly deliverables/goals. 


  • Proven experience as an assembly technician, preferably in a senior role.
  • Strong knowledge of mechanical and electrical assembly techniques.
  • Experience with procedure writing and documentation.
  • Familiarity with quality control processes and standards.
  • Knowledge of logistics and inventory management.
  • Experience with Logistics including Dangerous Goods and air/ground/international shipping regulations e.g IATA
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple high-urgency issues simultaneously.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to read and interpret technical drawings and specifications.
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills.
  • High school diploma or equivalent; technical certification or associate degree preferred.

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