Farm-ng’s Robotics Platform for Farmers Receives Additional Backing

The Company Closes Latest Funding Round & Wins Small Farm Innovation Award

Watsonville, CA (February 28, 2023) - farm-ng Inc. announced its latest round of funding to support its general purpose robotics platform designed to help farmers grow food profitably with affordable automation. The investment, led by Xplorer Capital, will be used to scale up the manufacturing of the Amiga, farm-ng's modular, electric micro-tractor, and to further development in autonomous navigation in farming operations ranging from harvesting, towing, cultivating, hauling, feeding, spraying and more.

"We partnered with Xplorer Capital, a team with strong experience developing and scaling robotic machines, to bring to life our vision for transforming the food system," said Ethan Rublee, CEO of farm-ng.

"Farm-ng's farm robots have the potential to revolutionize the design of the tractor," said Jonathan McQueen, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Xplorer Capital. "We are particularly excited by the potential to help diverse farms compete with larger, more intensive farms."

The Amiga is designed to help farms stay competitive through a simple, affordable and highly customizable electric tractor. The Amiga incorporates the latest in precision agriculture techniques to maximize yields while reducing workload, facilitating data collection, improving safety, and reducing soil compaction. The Amiga is easily adjustable to row widths, can accommodate a wide variety of add-on tools, and can be ridden or operated remotely. The result is a solution, available today, that helps farmers improve profitability while also contributing to the overall health of our food production systems. These improvements will only accelerate in the future as the Amiga becomes autonomous.

The Amiga is already used profitably by farmers such as Jacobs Del Cabo for the
production of organic vegetables and culinary herbs, reducing manual labor for seeding, compost spreading, cultivating and hauling materials around the farm. It was named the winner of the 2023 Small Farm Innovation Challenge, hosted annually by the nonprofit Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF). Farm-ng is also an anchor partner of the Farm Robotics Challenge, a robotics competition involving the top US university agriculture programs.

About Farm-ng Inc.
Farm-ng is building general purpose off-road robotics hardware and software products. The company's mission is to transform the food system by democratizing access for the smallest farmer to cutting-edge robotics technology. The Amiga is farm-ng's flagship product, a modular, affordable electric vehicle system for farms big and small. The Amiga benefits from gps-denied vision navigation technologies developed by farm-ng for the landing of the Blue Ghost spacecraft on a precise location on the Moon’s surface.

About Xplorer Capital
Xplorer Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in talented entrepreneurs and disruptive technologies that transform industries on a global scale. Our portfolio companies drive advancements in AI, robotics, and automation to improve industries such as logistics, manufacturing, agriculture, and sustainability.

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