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The Amiga

The Amiga

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At farm-ng we’re re-imagining farm tools with automation, sustainability, and accessibility in mind.  farm-ng’s Amiga is an all-electric micro-tractor that is easy to adapt to any farm’s cropping systems.  The Amiga allows growers to easily and repeatedly implement cultural practices, profitably, while reducing manual labor, maintenance and fuel costs.  farm-ng and our partners are hard at work building advanced solutions that extend the Amiga, making it the future proof platform of choice for any farm.


We ship anywhere in the USA.


The Amiga comes with a 3 year limited manufacturers warranty.

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Modern vehicular control.
Daylight readable 4.3” touchscreen display - ruggedized and waterproof. Configuring the tractor, control preferences, monitoring state and performance - all at your fingertips.


Wired Manual joystick control interface with rubberized backlit keypad. Waterproof and rugged, this CANbus enabled controller is pluggable anywhere on the tractor communication backbone.


The Amiga uses proven lithium-ion battery technology borrowed from the E-bike industry, which provides 70% greater power density than lead-acid making them both lightweight and compact. Our battery packs weigh only 12 lbs each, and are housed inside aluminum-extruded cases which protect them from damage in hard-working environments such as the farm.

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The Amiga has a runtime between 3 and 8hrs depending on usage, payload, and terrain.  High-drag applications such as towing or soil engagement consume more energy (2-4 hour runtime) than carrying harvest materials, even under heavy payloads (6-7hr runtime).  Extend this with a second set of batteries for zero downtime.

Technical Specifications

Weight & Material

320 lbs - 150kg, powder coated mild steel forks and frame

Rated Payload

1000 lbs, 450kg


- 4×4 all-electric skid-steer platform comprised of four 250-500watt sealed brushless DC geared motors, each with 140nm peak torque for a total of 2-3hp electric equivalent. Driven by Field Oriented Control (FOC) CAN-integrated BLDC Motor Controllers.


The Amiga comes with a 2 year subscription to farm-ng's latest and greatest firmware updates, delivered seamlessly over-the-air via wifi. Subscription easily extended upon request.

Waterproof Rating

IP65 - protected from low pressure water jets from any direction


Max speed 500 ft / min (9.1 km / h)
Default speed 174 ft / min (3.2 km / h)
Min speed 10 ft / min (0.18 km / h)

Ground Clearance

24.1 in (61.2 cm)


- Two discrete, swappable 44vdc nominal 12S 15AH Lithium Ion battery packs in enclosed aluminum extrusions with handles.

- Internal BMS (Battery-Management-System) monitors and protects the lithium cells from over or under-voltage, excessive current draw, and manages charge profile to maximize cell life and overall safety.  

- Manufacturer-specified battery lifespan is 800 cycles.  Customers may see much longer cycle lifetimes depending on usage patterns and depth of discharge.  


- Charging a fully depleted battery takes approx. 4-5 hours.

-Two individual 2a trickle chargers included

-Dual-Battery 5a charger included for charging both batteries while installed on the tractor.

What's in the box?

Complete 4x4 as shown above, including:

- Touchscreen Dashboard display and handheld pendant controller with holster

- Integral CANbus backbone, power bus, and safety bus with estop button

- Crossbars and Truckbars appropriate for track width specified with order placement

Included but not shown:

- 2x 120vac 2amp chargers

- 1x 120vac dual-battery 5a charger for charging both batteries installed on the robot

- 2x matching keysets for batteries


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