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Research Package

Research Package

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  • Research Package includes the Amiga Robot with the Amiga Intelligence Kit
  • The Amiga: Can carry up to 1,000 lbs; last up to 8 hours on a single charge; max speed of 500 ft/min
  • Intelligence Kit: Allows for augmentation to the Amiga's capabilities through GPS and "Brain" systems. Includes AI and machine learning applications



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    The Amiga comes with a 3 year limited manufacturers warranty.

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    Amiga Platform

    The Amiga platform is a four wheel drive electric platform capable of carrying 900 lbs for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

    The row spacing is set to set to 40". This spacing adjustable from 36" up to 90" center to center.

    The platform can be controlled manually by a pendant and a dashboard, or programmed.

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    The Brain houses a NVIDIA Xavier NX with up to 21 TOPS of hardware accelerated computing power for machine learning and AI applications, a touch-screen display designed to be outdoor-visible, all creating both a user-interface and sensor hub in a single, waterproof package. The Brain is fed data from two smart cameras. There is plenty of power and intelligence on board for you to do the rest!

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    The smart cameras are two Luxonis Oak D-W Power over Ethernet Smart Cameras. These cameras are IP67 sealed, have a with wide field of view, and can be attached anywhere on the robot (side, front, rear...).

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    POE Switch

    This allows you to connect the smart cameras to the Brain. There are open ports to connect other sensors to the Brain.

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    Your platform utilizes simple yet powerful embedded microcontrollers based on Adafruit's Feather m4 CAN, running CircuitPython. The entire system has been designed to be flexible and makes building your own custom interfaces as simple as connecting a USB-C cable and writing a few lines of code. If you've been looking for a microcontroller and display that can handle harsh environments, look no further!

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