• Our Technology

    We build reliable solutions that reinvent agriculture with the capabilities of AI and robotics.

  • The next generation of food systems will depend less on machinery or manual labor and more on breakthroughs in computation and robotic automation.

    Unlike traditional robotics companies that focus primarily on rigid tools for specific tasks, our core system AmigaOS is modular, designed as adaptable building blocks for fully autonomous agriculture, and enables our hardware and software products to support a suite of robotic farming applications.

  • Our Team

    The brightest minds modernizing the food supply.

  • Our team brings together the smartest Silicon Valley engineers with experts in agriculture and ecology who share in the belief that food security is national security.


Deep expertise in machine learning and robotic automation at industry scale.

Our Customers

Partnering with pioneers in agriculture and automation.

We collaborate with a diverse community of partners from large farms to small growers, AI researchers, developers, and aerospace organizations. Our autonomy platform is utilized across various sectors, from agriculture to aerospace, where it plays a crucial role in projects ranging from NASA missions to fortifying food supplies at nation scale.

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