Senior Software Engineer

farm-ng empowers the agricultural community with affordable, adaptable robotics and AI solutions so they can adopt more productive, profitable, and sustainable farming practices. Our vision is to cultivate a future where farms thrive and healthy food is produced in a sustainable and equitable way.

For farms that want to make their operations more autonomous and prosperous, the Amiga is a modular electric robot powered by AI that’s adaptable for multiple environments, tasks, and crops. We made our platform accessible to farms of any size so they can realize unprecedented productivity and future-proof their business. The Amiga Developer Unit is a bundle of the Amiga robot, its I/Os, and an AI computer we call the Brain. These tools enhance data collection, visualization, and analysis while accelerating time to in-field deployment.

We are looking for colleagues to join our mission to drive agricultural innovation with open, adaptable, and accessible robotics and AI solutions. We believe that agricultural innovation is impossible without the involvement of developers, researchers, and students who share a common vision. Together, we can create a global farming community that’s more productive, prosperous, and sustainable so that everyone has access to healthier food.


  • Define key features, performance, and scaling requirements with cross-team stakeholders.
  • Design and implement new product features.
  • Review and update device and cloud SW architectures.
  • Propose and implement systems to improve software development and deployment.


farm-ng is looking for a generalist with a range of skills. We do NOT expect you to have experience in all parts of farm-ng's software stack. We DO want you to be comfortable driving design/architecture decisions in at least one part of the stack and be able to contribute in multiple of the following areas:

  • Distributed systems, including microservice and database architectures.
  • Full-stack web application development.
  • DevOps, both in the cloud and for our hardware devices.
  • Software lifecycle and monitoring for IoT devices.
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC).
  • Machine Learning infrastructure for training and deployment.
  • Microcontroller firmware development.


  • 4+ years of industry experience.
  • Passion for developing innovative robotics solutions.
  • Proven track record of shipping production SW.
  • Production coding experience in a strongly typed, multi-threaded language.
  • Strong foundation in Linux-based SW development.
  • Depth (e.g. technical leadership, design/architecture responsibilities) in at least one of the areas listed above.
  • Breadth of work experience spanning at least two additional areas listed above.

Preferred but not required:

  • 8+ years of industry experience.
  • Experience shipping products using computer vision / ML.
  • Experience with our tech stack: Rust (high-performance algorithms and services), Python (application backends and general scripting), TypeScript/React (front-ends).
  • Experience with NVIDIA technologies and Jetson architecture.
  • Experience with other systems programming languages (e.g. C++, C, Go).
  • Experience with Embedded Linux.

This role is open to well-qualified remote candidates in the US. We will give preference to candidates able to work a hybrid schedule (3 days per week) at farm-ng HQ in beautiful Watsonville, CA, because robots. This role involves occasional travel for team on-sites and critical company events.

To apply, send your application and resume to