Amiga Farm@thon 2022: Fira de Sant Miquel (Lleida, Spain)


- The event will take place on Thursday September 29th during the Sant Miquel convention in Lleida (Spain), and will include teams working in-person and remotely during the convention.

- Limited to 6 teams of 2 or 3 people in-person, and no limit if participating remotely.


  1. Train developers in the use of the Amiga’s incredible ecosystem of technologies.  These include low level microcontroller programming in Circuit Python, deploying the latest Computer Vision hardware from and on-edge AI/inference, in addition to basic Human Robot Interaction tools and concepts.
  2. Show how to implement small applications and hack on the Amiga platform with the existing tools available during the day of the convention, and get your feedback!  
  3. Ideation of agricultural use cases using the Amiga platform capabilities. In this case the delivery will be in the shape of slides and optionally a 3min video. The delivery instructions are explained below.

Work materials:

In order to start working on the use cases track, we suggest to all the participants to start looking at the following list of resources:

As starting point, we would also like to propose to the participants to start looking into Farm-ng’s Developers open source  in Github:


Work Tracks

FPV hands-on

Specifically, during the event we dive into a hands-on implementation of a First-person view (FPV) system in order to drive the Amiga seamlessly to a drone. Farm-ng will bring a kit and show to the teams how to implement the system from scratch during the event. For more information about the required parts can be found here. As a side note, each team can bring their own material. The final result is expected to be similar to the one shown in this video:


Amiga use cases

In this track, we highly suggest to the participants to look at farm-ng’s website in order to have an understanding of the proposed technology and get some inspiration to propose use cases for the Amiga platform for farming applications (and maybe others).

As a reference, some examples of existing tools and accessories for the Amiga can be found in the link below:



Come in two parts:

  1. Remote teams: will deliver according to the instructions in the form you will find at foot of this page and with a maximum date of September 27th at 6:00 p.m. (CET)
  2. In person teams: will be present at 7:00 p.m. on the 29th live at the Amiga stand at the Lleida Fair.


Agenda - Thursday 29

For the Amiga area of ​​hall 4 during the event:

Note: all the presentations on Thursday and other days will be broadcasted live on YouTube and will be available for later viewing. Links will be available on this page soon.


11:00: Introduction to the Farm@thon

to the participating teams by Andreu Ibáñez, president of LleidaDrone, Edgar Riba, representative of Farm-ng, and authorities.

A demonstration of the Amiga will then take place and the training session for developers and the interested public will begin.


12:00: Presentation of the Amiga Brain and its SDK

by Edgar Riba, leader in Computer Vision at Farm-ng, and presentation of the Amiga user interface, by Tamara Saribekyan, UX Designer. This talk will allow programmers to learn more about the layers of software available to program the Amiga.


12:45: Presentation of Nvidia Xavier

This is the AI ​​and CV computing platform on which the Amiga runs. By Asier Arranz, Embedded/Jetson Developer Marketing NVIDIA.


13:15: Presentation of OpenCV

by Gary Bradski Founder of OpenCV, the open library that is the de facto standard in the Computer Vision industry, and Vice President of Farm- ng. (Pre-recorded from Silicon Valley, CA)


13:45: Presentation of the integration of Kornia Studio

with the AMIGA SDK, by Luis Ferraz, AI Team Lead & Senior Research Scientist at Kognia Sports Intelligence.


14:15: Start the in-person Farm@thon

At the Amiga stand.  The teams will be able to start or continue the development of their applications at the same stand.


18:30: Presentations, in-situ and remote teams

Each team will have 5 minutes to present their proposal or code implementation, with or without slides using the Amiga if their code is functional.


19:30: Deliberation and presentation of prizes

After the presentation, a jury composed by Andreu Ibáñez, president of LleidaDrone, Edgar Riba, representative of Farm-ng, Asier Arranz of Nvidia, Felipe Lumbreras from CVC-UAB, Ivan Josa from GDG Lleida and Master in Big Data Engineer expert in Data Streaming, together with other experts, will deliberate on the best presentations to then make the award ceremony.

  • 1st prize, for Farm-ng: Amiga smart Camera Kit (Oak-D)
  • 2nd prize, for Nvidia, Jetson Nano system, valued at €250
  • 3rd prize, pending
  • 4th prize and 5th prize, for Xtorm, mobile accessory packs, valued at €150

All teams participants in-situ will receive local products from the Horta de Lleida with the collaboration of the Association of Producers of the Horta de Lleida and the Paeria, Lleida City Council, and also details of Farm-ng (cap and shirt).



  • Registration for the Farm@thon for both in-person and remote team is done in this form
  • Tickets to the fair: we have tickets for the groups that come in person. Select that option in the registration form and we'll take care of delivering to you on the day of the event.


Reminder of dates and method of presentation

  • For both forms of participation, the start of creation is from the moment of publication of this post.
  • For in-person groups, the event starts on Thursday 29 at 11 am at the Fira de Lleida, hall 4, Amiga - Farm-ng stand, and ends at 8 pm.
  • For remote groups, the deadline for submitting proposals is Tuesday, September 27, at 6:00 p.m. 

The formats of the presentations are:

- In-situ teams: live demonstration with the Amiga (if feasible), 4 slides with the explanation of the developed application, which will be presented live, and link to Github with the code.

- Remote teams: 4 slides with the explanation of the deployed application, video recorded horizontally of a maximum of 3 minutes where you say the proposal. The video will be shared in a google drive link.

All remote group materials must be sent to the address before the deadline, both for face-to-face and remote groups.

All materials will be open source, and must clearly specify an Open Source license according to

The data collected in this form will not be used beyond a possible communication with the teams.

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