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Amiga Intelligence Kit

Amiga Intelligence Kit

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The Amiga Intelligence Kit is a comprehensive ruggedized system designed for researchers, technologists, and engineers looking to augment their Amiga's capabilities for exploration and data collection. With the integration of advanced hardware and software upgrades, the Amiga Intelligence Kit aims to enhance the performance and versatility of the Amiga. Please note that this product is intended for advanced users with computer programming skills and is not a consumer product.


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The Amiga Intelligence Kit is sold "as is" and may require technical expertise for proper integration and use.

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A durable, waterproof touchscreen computer that manages all elements within the kit and that can control the Amiga, is housed in a rugged case designed for extreme environments. Powered by an NVIDIA Xavier NX central processing unit, it delivers up to 21 TOPS of hardware-accelerated computing capabilities.

Brain Documentation


The kit includes a dual-band GPS antenna that connects directly to the Brain, along with an RTK-capable GPS module located within the Brain and linked to the GPS antenna via an SMA connector. This RTK GPS can deliver centimeter-level location information for real-time positioning and navigation applications when combined with a RTK base station.


The kit includes a pair of high quality waterproof Luxonis OAK-D cameras in ruggedized cases. These cameras use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for communication and power, ensuring a stable and efficient connection. The M12 X-Coded Ethernet to A-coded cable connectors are designed for secure and reliable connections.

Each robotic camera is equipped with an AI vision processor providing hardware-accelerated computing power for machine learning and AI applications. This feature enables real-time stereo depth perception, giving the Amiga the ability to analyze its surroundings in high detail.

PoE Switch

The included Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switch facilitates connectivity between the Brain and the Luxonis OAK-D cameras. The switch ensures efficient power distribution and seamless communication. Other sensors can be connected to the PoE Switch.

Mast Hardware

The kit comes with a mast and mounting hardware for easy and secure installation of all components. The design allows for seamless integration with existing Amiga setups.

Debug Cable

Included in the kit is a cable used for debugging and updating the Jetson. There are two interfaces, one is a USB to serial interface for the linux terminal, along with a USB interface used for updating the Jetson system.

Protective Case

The kit comes with a watertight (IP65 rated), dust-tight, impact resistant protective case for carrying the Brain and the pair of cameras. 

Networking Requirements

WiFi connectivity

  • A WiFi network is required in order to perform remote software updates or to communicate with the Brain wirelessly from another WiFi-connected device.
  • If there is no WiFi connectivity in the field, the remote updates can be performed when the Amiga is within range of a WiFi network (e.g., indoor facility).
  • If there is no WiFi connectivity at all, data can still be uploaded/downloaded via the USB port of the Brain or via one of the Ethernet ports of the PoE switch.

RTK base station

  • The RTK base station is a fixed reference point that receives and decodes GPS signals from multiple satellites and then broadcasts real-time corrections to the Amiga Intelligence Kit.
  • The RTK base station is required for achieving centimeter-level accuracy.
  • The Intelligence Kit is compatible with any NTRIP GNSS RTK Base Station
  • If there is no RTK base station, the GPS signal still provides positional information but with a lower accuracy.

Amiga CAN bus

  • The Amiga CAN bus is part of the Amiga.
  • The Brain of the Intelligence Kit can connect to the CAN bus of the Amiga to control motors (movements of the Amiga) and actuators (e.g. farming tools connected to the Amiga).


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